About Us

Our philosophy at Kids of Creation is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children receive quality care and academic instruction to help prepare them for school and set the foundation for living a Christ-centered life. Our curriculum encourages the social, emotional, artistic, imaginative, physical and spiritual development of our students.  Our qualified teachers and small class sizes allow each student to develop according to his or her own pace and learning style.

Our Purpose:

  • To implement positive discipline techniques that aid in boosting self-confidence in our students.
  • To prepare students for school by teaching self-help skills and encouraging independence.
  • To form relationships between staff, children and families.
  • To involve families in Christian based activities provided by WUMC.
  • To share the love of Christ to students and families through our staff.
  • To provide a nurturing environment where children feel valued, safe and loved.
  • To plant the seed of Jesus in our students and families in order to grow fruitful Disciples of Christ.
  • To ensure children see themselves as uniquely created and loved by God.
  • To prepare our students for the future with the foundation of a Christ-centered life.